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Privacy statement

Privacy statement

When you order from Tiger 2 Productions, we will ask you to provide personal information to complete your order. We use this information to provide the goods and services you request. Personal information is stored off-line on password protected software and access is strictly limited .

We do not sell, rent, lease, or give our customer lists or personal information to third parties. We do not have a mailing list nor do we provide your information to others for mailing lists.

We do not make solicitation calls or send promotional emails. Any calls or emails from Tiger 2 Productions will be to clarify or confirm your order.

To complete your order and process payment, we will need the following information:

                1. Name (used to name your account)

                2. Address (billing and shipping information)

                3. Phone Number (contact for order questions)

                4. Email Address (used to transmit invoices)

                5. Credit Card Number, expiration date, validation number (to process orders)

Please contact us if you have questions regarding your information.